Opploans.com: 2020 Review

Opploans.com: 2020 Review

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In this day of crisis and when consumers are struggling financially, there is a need to find an institution where money isn’t complicated or tedious to obtain. With limited resources, financial freedom is hard to achieve. Economic freedom or the state of having enough investment or money to pay off one’s need for survival is what we are aiming at this age and time. Without this security, consumers will continue to depend on other people, even at the danger of losing one’s property to loan sharks. Despite the circumstances, consumers became wiser and adaptable to change. It is time that consumers speak what they need, and OppLoans is here to answer. OppLoans offers more than just the typical loans that consumers get from other lending establishments.

Opploans.com Review

OppLoans is a financial technology platform that caters to a market of non-prime lenders who are experiencing poor credit standing in the community. These lenders suffer from constant rejections of their loan application. In times, they are subject to manipulation from predatory lenders whenever they are required to pay exorbitant and unconscionable interest rates in exchange for getting their loans approved. Despite the risk, OppLoans nevertheless, found an opportunity to serve this scarce market. In so doing, it has helped them rise above their financial burden and sustained their lifestyle at a desirable level.


OppLoans opened its door to the public in 2009. Ten years later, it has gained more than 300,000 customers and still counting. It was founded by Jared Kaplan and had a headquarter in Chicago, Illinois.

A credit investigation is no longer needed. Although this practice is critical in all credit lending facilities, OppLoans opts to forego this process to eliminate downtime in processing and approving personal loans. Moreover, approved loans are directly funded and deposited to the applicant’s account in just one business day.


Transparency is integral in their customer service. Applicants knew the amount approved and the given interest rates instantly, thereby eliminating any unnecessary and undesirable fees. Customers may even redeem their credit standing in the community and improve their credit history after complying with the terms of the loan.


OppLoans has an excellent industry reputation and has garnered positive reviews from its clientele while maintaining an A+ rating from the BBB. It belonged to the top Inc. 500 companies since 2015. Recently, it was awarded the Best Consumer Lending Platform” by FinTech Breakthrough. They have been recognized in the industry as one of the top-customer rated platforms, customers are never left guessing whether their loans are approved or not. Loan processing is fast and easy. Transactions remain safe and secure.


There is no need to visit their branch or office location because the application is made online. It is hassle-free and customer friendly. Time and expenses are massively reduced. Undoubtedly the business claims for fast and reliable service are valid and subsisting.

Opploans.com: 2020 Review A Quick Snapshot

Loans Offered Fixed interest, unsecured personal loans student loans.
Minimum/Maximum Amounts $500 to $4,000
Eligibility/Credit Score Credit Score is not required
APR 99% -199%
Fees No hidden fees
Timeline For Approval Within the day ideally
How Secure Are they?
Website is protected, extensive privacy policy enforced


  • Fast processing,
  • No hidden fees or charges,
  • Quick Approval,
  • Feasible interest rates, and
  • Flexible repayment terms.


  • Limited reach. It is not available in all U.S states
  • Limited access. Online application only. Hence, those who are not computer literate will have a hard time applying.
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  • APR Rate4.99% to 1386%,
  • APR Rate4.99% to 1386%,
  • APR Rate250% or Higher
  • APR Rate200% Plus
  • APR Rate99% -199%
  • APR RateVaries
  • APR Rate5.99% - 35.99%
  • APR RateN/A
  • APR Rate1.0 - 2.5%
  • APR Rate5.99% - 35.99%