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Editorial Rating is an online digital platform that aims to provide people who are need for a loan quick, easy, and accessible information. The service is free, encrypted for security purposes, and available for anyone – regardless of your credit rating. Review acts primarily as a broker linking potential clients with loan companies that can provide the loan you need, under the terms you want. They aim to offer help to those who need a loan regardless of their situation. It is worth noting that the free service provides support for those who would usually be turned away from similar providers.  The service is catered explicitly at those who need short term loans with a sliding scale of roughly between $99 and $999 offered as a loan and a typical repayment period of fewer than 12 months.  With this in mind, loans are specifically intended for those requiring short term financial relief and are not long term financial aids.


Applying for a loan with is quick and easy. You need to be over 18, earn over $1000 per Callander month (after tax), and also allow for your current employment to be verified. Once this is completed, can find you a potential provider. You could receive your loan through direct debit in as little as 24 hours.


The 265-bit encryption on the site means that your personal and private information is always going to be kept safe. Unlike most other loan providers, will allow anyone to apply for a loan and offer a non-discriminatory policy about past or current credit score ratings. The free service is also speedy, with applications finding the right lenders in as little as a few minutes. You can apply from your phone, computer, or tablet, making the service accessible for all, from every location.


As is not a cash lender, it doesn’t set a level of APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and has no control over the amount that is set. APR is determined between the consumer and the Loan Company that pairs the consumer with. They suggest reading and reviewing all loan conditions offered before taking your loan. offers lots of useful advice for those who have a bad credit rating regarding their current situation and the issues that could occur in taking out further loans. They are also incredibly transparent, noting that the loans that they can find for you might not be the best for your particular situation. also clearly states that while their service is free, they make a commission on landing potential loan companies, new clients., therefore, has no control over loan repayment fees, loan amounts offered, or other issues that arise from taking out a loan with a company that they link you with.


They state that before taking out any loan you should read through all the terms and conditions. They remind consumers to think responsibly before taking out loans, especially short term loans that typically have higher interest rates. 2020 Review A Quick Snapshot

Loans Offered No specific loan types offered as they are a brokerage firm
Minimum/Maximum Amounts Typical loans offered are from $99 - $999.
Eligibility/Credit Score claim that they can find loans for anyone, regardless of credit rating providing that you are; over 18, have a job that earns over $1000 per month (after tax), are a US citizen and can provide proof of employment.
Fees The service is completely free
Timeline For Approval can link you with a loan in less than 24 hours
How Secure Are they?
The 256bit encryption boasts a high level of security protecting your privacy and data


  • Free Service
  • Non-Discriminatory as they will help anyone
  • Provide clear information about the dangers and risks of taking out a loan
  • Offer lots of information regarding loan services
  • 256bit security
  • Fast, quick and easy application


  • They offer no APR rates
  • Require earnings of over $1000 per month after tax
  • They cannot guarantee you loan terms/agreements
  • Low-level loan amounts ($99-$999)

Who Should Apply

If you are in desperate need of some money, then could work for you. provides a quick, easy, and straightforward service that could pair you with a loan provider in as little as 24 hours. clearly states everything you need to take out a loan and offer a nondiscriminatory policy helping anyone, including those who have bad credit ratings. This enables anyone to take a loan through a company that pairs you with regardless of your situation.

Also, if you have a bad credit rating and wish to improve on your score, can link you to providers who will offer you short term loans. If you repay the loan in full quickly, this will have a positive impact on your credit rating.

Final Verdict is a useful tool for anyone thinking about taking out a loan. They provide a service that enables everyday consumers to enquire about a loan regardless of their financial situation. is not, however, a loan company and can act as a broker between the consumer and a loan company.  As a result of this, cannot provide any information regarding fees, repayment plans, or APR rates. warns consumers about reading pre-loan agreements as they have no control nor responsibility once loans are approved. only provides a short term solution to those that need money fast. Without any information regarding the actual loan agreement, is suitable for browsing options, but consumers should be aware that loan companies set their loan term agreements.

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  • APR Rate4.99% to 1386%,
  • APR Rate250% or Higher
  • APR Rate200% Plus
  • APR Rate99% -199%
  • APR RateVaries
  • APR Rate5.99% - 35.99%
  • APR RateN/A
  • APR Rate1.0 - 2.5%
  • APR Rate5.99% - 35.99%