BadCreditLoans: 2020 Review

BadCreditLoans: 2020 Review

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Bad Credit Loans is an online brokerage network of lenders to find you the perfect loan for your needs. The service is free and the entire process is quick and easy.

Bad Credit Loans Review

If you have bad credit then Bad Credit Loans is exactly what you need. The loans are normally quite small. They do however help for those in need of some quick cash and would otherwise not be eligible for similar loans with other financial institutions. Your credit score is no issue, as long as you have some sort of employment or social benefits and able to repay the loan.

There is a very simple online form that you will complete to apply for a loan. Bad Credit Loans will circulate your application to their network of lenders and typically you will hear back within one business day. Once you have an offer from a lender you can accept or decline it with no obligation whatsoever.

Bad Credit Loans makes use of electronic signatures for loan processing. All you have to do is accept to transact based on online signatures. You still have the option of paper documents and signatures through direct contact with the lender.

There is a lot of flexibility with Bad Credit Loans. They try to find the perfect lender for personal loans, credit card payments, business loans, household loans, and even mortgage loans. All of the loans are short term and for small amounts making it manageable for you if you struggle with credit issues.

Having bad credit doesn’t have to follow you forever. If you borrow through Bad Credit Loans you will begin to build a better credit score. There is no limit to how many times you can borrow and since the repayment period is short you will be able to demonstrate responsible credit behavior.

Bad Credit Loans is the ideal platform for those who might not be able to secure a loan anywhere else. Their lenders know that those with poor credit still find themselves needing emergency funds and they are prepared to help.

You will not need collateral or a co-signatory to apply for loans. The loan will be entirely in your name allowing you to get on the right path to better credit.

With Bad Credit Loans you should expect high-interest rates because the loan period is so short and the risk to the lender is high. You need to evaluate loan offers carefully and read all of the terms and conditions. Before you accept any offer from Bad Credit Loans you need to understand exactly what is being asked of you and what your obligations are. With bad credit, you may be in a rush to get your hands on some cash but don’t make the mistake of moving too fast.


BadCreditLoans: 2020 Review A Quick Snapshot

Loans Offered Unsecured smaller personal loans
Minimum/Maximum Amounts $500 to $5,000
Eligibility/Credit Score No minimum credit score
APR 5.99% - 35.99%
Fees Bad Credit Loans is not a lender, and it doesn’t charge users any fees for its services
Timeline For Approval 1-5 business days for approval
How Secure Are they?
The platform does make use of electronic signatures with regards to the platform’s privacy policy


  • Free service with no setup or membership fees
  • Service for borrowers with bad credit
  • Fast application and approval process
  • No minimum credit score
  • Use of electronic signatures to improve the speed of loan processing
  • Clear detailed terms and conditions
  • Wide range of loan types


  • Loans limited to $5,000
  • High APRs
  • Only available to US citizens and residents

Who Should Apply Bad Credit Loans?

Bad Credit Loans is perfect for those with bad credit. There is no minimum credit score required and they can likely find a lender willing to work with you. Once you have completed the simple online form your loan application is distributed to the network of lenders. If approved you may quickly receive a loan offer.

When you have read the terms and conditions of the loan offer all you need is to apply your electronic signature to complete the process. The funds will likely be in your bank account the next day but this does depend on the lender’s loan processing.

All the lenders in the network have agreed to work with bad credit so you don’t need to be worried about immediate rejection or the state of your credit. You can rely on Bad Credit Loans to connect you with a lender.

A good reason to borrow with Bad Credit Loans is to start to improve your credit score. Taking out small loans over time and repaying them as required will show that you can handle your finances and will ultimately build your credit score.

Final Verdict

Getting a loan when you have bad credit and in need of some quick cash can prove almost impossible. Most lenders are simply not willing to loan money in these situations. Bad Credit Loans understands your situation and wants to help you.

Loan amounts are small which increases the ability of a borrower to responsibly repay the loan. The loans are also short term so that the debt of the loan doesn’t hang around forever.

Bad Credit Loans helps borrowers to rebuild their credit over time. Most borrowers will have a very bad payment history, and this is expected. Bad Credit Loans allow you to apply for as many loans as you want over time. As you continue to repay loans responsibly you will establish a positive payment track record.

Bad Credit Loans is not for everyone. The platform is designed specifically for those with bad credit. The APR can be quite high since the loans are short term only. The platform and the lenders undertake due diligence and your credit score may be verified several times in the process. The frequency of checks on your credit score may negatively affect your credit in certain situations, though this should have a minimal impact.

If you have bad credit you will routinely be turned away from larger financial institutions and become discouraged and even deeper in debt. You will soon get fed up of running around trying to find a lender who understands. Bad Credit Loans has a network of lenders that do understand and want to help.

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  • APR Rate4.99% to 1386%,
  • APR Rate4.99% to 1386%,
  • APR Rate250% or Higher
  • APR Rate200% Plus
  • APR Rate99% -199%
  • APR RateVaries
  • APR Rate5.99% - 35.99%
  • APR RateN/A
  • APR Rate1.0 - 2.5%
  • APR Rate5.99% - 35.99%